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Welcome To Our Referral Contest!

$550 In Advertising
up for Grabs!

Prizes for the top 10 places!

Contest Starts: Friday 19th August [19-08-2016] at 11 AM EDT
Contest Ends: When We Hit 1,000 Members


10 Chances To Win A Prize!

*Read Rules Below*


1st - 100,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $100!)

2nd - 90,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $90!)

3rd - 80,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $80!)

4th - 70,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $70!)

5th - 60,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $60!)

6th - 50,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $50!)

7th - 40,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $40!)

8th - 30,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $30!)

9th - 20,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $20!)

10th - 10,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $10!)


All members, even free members can promote and ANYONE can win a prize!

Look at all the prizes!

Imagine All The Commissions You'll Earn Going For 1st Place!

A few simple rules: No Spamming, No Paid Signups, No Paid To Click Referrals, No Cheating.

If you think what you are doing is cheating, it most likely is.

We have ways to check for cheaters - Anyone caught cheating will be deleted. No warnings. No Prizes.

Okay, so if I haven't scared you away :) Start referring members!


Remember: No Junk Traffic, Fake Traffic, Incentivized, Non-Buying Country Traffic, You Must Have An Average Upgrade Rate Like Everyone Else.. All Members Who Send Real Traffic Manage To Have A Certain % Of Upgrades.. If You Send Junk Referrals I CAN TELL AND YOU WON'T GET PAID


You must have a minimum of 30 referrals to win a prize if you're in the Top 1-5!

You must have a minimum of 15 referrals to win a prize if you're in the Top 6-10!

Here are some ideas on where to promote:

Facebook, Twitter, Ad Exchanges, Safelists, List Builders, Traffic Exchanges, Ad Boards, Your Own Opt-in List, Your own thank-you pages & download pages

Click Here For Promo Tools

Prize $$ Will Be Paid Out Within 7 Days After Contest Is Over Or Less


781 Verified Members
Member Name Referrals
Bruno Duarte158
Rafael Plazas Velazquez39
Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk)29
jeffrey siewert21
Ernie Geeting20
daniel dreyfuss18
Neville Farr14
Jeff McCarty11
Geoffrey Reason11
Gabriel Munteanu11
howard martell10
Luis Monteiro9
Geoffrey Williams9
Loretta Sanders8
Jane Clark8
Tommie Bengtsson8
Jimmy Chin8
Michael Harris8
Dennis Deutsch6
Clare Bowen6
Audrey Norris5
Paul Allison5
Leon Hutchinson4
Hari baskar4
Jufanis, Bc. TT.4
Janice Lefebre4
Steve Ayling3
Nelson Coy3
Vernon Jones3
Glenn F Whalen3
tesfa baraki2
Axel Plank2
Kate Mylett2
Foster Wen1
Warren Robinson1
Gregory Cassius1
Elwood Mills1
Ana Rezo1
Pete Seal1
Diane Calzada1
Erik Setiawan1
Keigle Marketers1
Avanda Brown1
Brent Sissel1
Pastor Gabriel Helene1
Aka Lyman1
Jennifer Hansel1
Eugene Uchuvatkin1
Mathiew Burkett1
Doug Bard1
Linda Abram1

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